Earnings Disclaimer
Last Updated on January 15, 2021
Earnings Disclaimer
READ CAREFULLY -while every effort has been made to accurately represent this educational training program and its potential, there is obviously no guarantee of earnings or success. Actual results will vary and we cannot estimate the results that any business or individual may achieve.

You are expected to evaluate your own income, sales, profits and earnings potential. You should always seek independent financial, business and legal advice in assessing the suitability of this or any home based business. The testimonials that may appear in the videos and images on this website and our FB group are from actual students and their testimonials are factual to the best of our knowledge. Your specific results depend on the time and effort you devote to this program and the implementation of the skill sets we teach you inside the training.

As these factors differ according to each person, we cannot and do not guarantee any specific level of success or income nor are we responsible for any of your actions, online or offline. Further, we cannot guarantee the performance of any of the methods we teach you. Ultimately, YOU are responsible for achieving your financial goals and success in this or any other business but we will do our very best to help you get there -- now let's get to work! 
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